I know it’s a bit late, but here is my answer to Week 4’s challenge on “Making It”. They asked designers to make a lamp out of natural materials. I heard about flower pounding from my local quilt shop and decided to give it a shot. Basically, you find flowers, leaves, grass and lay them flat on special, pre-treated fabric. Then, lay plastic wrap over them to keep them from shifting. Next, get your hammer out and tap tap tap like crazy. The pigment from the flowers will transfer onto the fabric in a sketchy watercolor effect. It’s a bit of a crap shoot - some items transfer great, and other don’t. I created a repeating pattern, and then bought a drum kit and finished ‘er up. #makingit #makingitwannabe #flowerpounding #handmadelamp #hippydippy


Week 4’s challenge was to create a halloween costume from things around the house plus a few specific items like a mop head, coffee filters, and a loofa. I had canvas and paint around the house so I decided to make myself into a painting. But what subject matter? My friend Sarah mentioned a funny photo of me when I was little - I looked like a gnome. So, there you have it, I’ll be a gnome! I used the mop head for the beard and coffee filters for the flowers in the wheelbarrow, and I used the loofa to create the texture on the painting. I had my neighbor take my picture - I think she thinks I’m nuts. #makingit #makingitwannabe #gnomeweirdo

"Making It" Week 3

I had never heard of a snack stadium before this week, what a weird idea! I do have to say that I agree with Amy and Nick that cake is NOT a snack. I decided to make the "Making It" Barn and make the base out of 7-Layer Dip (an actual snack) and fill the seats with a variety of chips and pretzel rods. I did include sugar snap peas which are the only acceptable veggie allowed. My favorite part was "frosting" the floor with queso in a squirt bottle to mimic the AMAZING floors in the barn. The contestants were black olives on tiny forks sitting behind kholrabi desks with pico de gallo projects in front of them. The judges were the green olives on forks. I made the structure out of cardboard and covered that in washi tape. I took it to a friend's cabin and it was a hit! 

"Making It" Week 2

I thought it would be sooo easy to do one challenge from each week of "Making It" on NBC. This freaking hometown terrarium almost did me in. I don't have access to classic terrarium supplies in Donnelly, Idaho, so I had to wing it. I used paper that I painted. I created a scene of me, my first truck, and two dogs up in the Boise foothills. Back in the 1980s, I was full of teen angst and walking in the foothills with my dogs really made it all slightly more bearable. It was also the first time that I took my Pentax K1000 camera and played around. Now, I'm not thrilled with the result, but sometimes, you just gotta get the sucker done. #makingit #makingitwannabe #sojelly #craftyAF #boisehometown


"Making It" Week 1

Well, I tried out for NBC's "Making It" and shocker... I didn't get cast. So instead of stewing in a pot of bitterness, I decided to try a challenge from each week. On Week 1's episode, they challenged the designers to create a 3D animal version of themselves. I decided to make a giant squid out of fabric I had printed. I thought I'd put different items in the squid's hands that represent all the things in my life that are important to me. However, the three hours got the better of me so I had to scramble and go with Plan B - 8 different cocktails. #makingit #makingitwannabe #sojelly #craftyAF

Grandma Birdie's Crazy Quilt - Hand drawn by me

So I got this awesome crazy quilt that my Great-Great-Grandma Birdie made in 1970. It is super groovy and super ugly in the best way. I wanted to start quilting and thought this would make a great point of inspiration and departure. I hand drew her entire quilt with black fabric marker and then did free-motion quilting to finish it off. It was great fun, and I liked it so much, I submitted it to Uppercase magazine - and they published it in their July/Aug/Sept 2018 issue! Here are some photos of the original quilt, my version of it, and the Uppercase article.