"Making It" Week 3

I had never heard of a snack stadium before this week, what a weird idea! I do have to say that I agree with Amy and Nick that cake is NOT a snack. I decided to make the "Making It" Barn and make the base out of 7-Layer Dip (an actual snack) and fill the seats with a variety of chips and pretzel rods. I did include sugar snap peas which are the only acceptable veggie allowed. My favorite part was "frosting" the floor with queso in a squirt bottle to mimic the AMAZING floors in the barn. The contestants were black olives on tiny forks sitting behind kholrabi desks with pico de gallo projects in front of them. The judges were the green olives on forks. I made the structure out of cardboard and covered that in washi tape. I took it to a friend's cabin and it was a hit!